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Professional Investment Management

How I am compensated: My role is to be your financial guide and diligently pursue your best interests. My fees are primarily asset-based so that our interests are naturally aligned. If you do well, I do well. If you experience setbacks, so do I. 

Carefully developing a plan is the basis for financial success and peace of mind. Therefore all engagements start with crafting an initial plan specific to your needs in exchange for a flat planning fee.

Investment Management

Receive professional money management and investment oversight based on your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Your customized investment strategy will address your needs with three distinct sleeves:

1) Safe, liquid assets for short-term spending needs

2) Moderate return, low-risk assets for predictable, intermediate-term income

3) Higher growth, higher-risk assets for inflation protection and long-term upside potential

A structured implementation based will be based upon a personalized, written Investment Policy Statement.

One-time Plan Development Fee $1500 (Waived for directly managed portfolios over $500k)

You will receive: 

    • Objective analysis of your current portfolio and risk level
    • Discovery of your risk tolerance and risk capacity
    • Clarification of your goals and priorities for your portfolio
    • A written Investment Policy Statement
    • An asset allocation matched to your needs, goals, and values
    • An “Asset Location” strategy, for tax-aware investing and distribution
    • Establishment of appropriate accounts
    • Implementation with professionally-screened securities 
    • Ongoing portfolio management and due diligence by adviser
    • Two portfolio review meetings per year

$250k household asset minimum.

Ongoing service is on an asset basis. 

Client Assets Under Management   

Cost for Discretionary Investment
Management Only